Immigration To Hungary

Hungarian Government: Brussels must take into consideration the opinion of Hungarian people regarding Brexit

According to the government spokesperson of Hungary, Zoltan Kovacs, Brussels should consider the opinion of Hungarian people about Brexit as it holds a lot of importance in relevance to their message on the upcoming referendum to be held on 2nd October. On the Friday morning program of the Public Service television news channel M1, Mr Zoltan[…]

Immigration To Canada

Canada: Possibility of an Initiation of a New Immigrant Investor Program by the Federal government.

The federal government of Canada is contemplating to launch a new Immigrant Investor Program which will be specifically targeted to attract exorbitantly high net worth individuals, seeking for Immigration to Canada. According to John McCallum, the Immigration minister of Canada, this new program would grant permanent residence status to applicants against a substantial investment amount.[…]

Immigration To Canada

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Reinstated, Essentials for Canadian Residency and Citizenship

In recent years Immigration to Canada has been very popular and a highly recommended way to apply for Canadian immigration is through their Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). The applications for this program have been opened since May 30, 2016 and will remain open till February 28, 2017. Keeping in mind the 1900 applications generated[…]

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Fast track immigration to Hungary through the Investor Residency Bond Program

Many high net worth businessmen and investors are often on a lookout to obtain residency to European countries without having to go through the hassle of physically residing in that country. This residency permit is like a safety net for them, to be used whenever the situation calls for it. Hungary is a country which[…]

Immigration TO USA

US Consulate announced 14,000 visas this year for Pakistani Citizens

It is a well-known fact that many Pakistani citizens want to settle abroad, particularly in the United States, and that is why they are on a constant lookout to apply for visas which will grant them Immigration To USA from Pakistan. Pakistanis who don’t have the intention to settle in the USA permanently mostly opt for[…]

Immigration to Canada

Special Immigrant Visa Programs Available For Young Entrepreneurs Coming To America

The United States is usually referred to as land full of opportunities and that holds especially true for young entrepreneurs who are in search of setting up their own businesses in America. Every year this country welcomes a huge influx of immigrants and many of these ambitious immigrants end up opening lucrative businesses for themselves[…]

Canadian Immigration

Recent Changes Proposed To The Canadian Immigration Law

Since the new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, became the recent and very popular face of the Canadian politics as the leader of the Liberal Party, some amendments have been proposed to the Canadian Citizenship Act with the intent to revoke the controversial changes made to the act by the former Prime Minister, Stephen[…]

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The decision to apply for US immigration is a huge one and requires a lot of thought and contemplation.  It’s not easy to start all over again in an entirely new and foreign country; just the thought of it seems daunting, I know. However, moving to the USA might just turn out to be an all-American[…]

Portugal Golden Residence Visa Program


A minor administrative hiccup from the Portuguese government has led the visa programme on hold in August 2015; however, This text is hidden it is back on track on with its Golden Visa Permit. As per the Managing Director of Sable Group, Andrew Rissik, Portuguese Golden Residency Program has significantly changed over the time and[…]